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Table of Contents

Vol.67 - Vol.70

Vol.70 No.4 (March 2012)
GOMI Tomoko The Meaning of Wujian, from the Records of Judgments and Manuals for Governing the Ming and Qing Dynasties―
UEDA Hiroyuki The Shift from Japan Copper to Yunnan Copper Regarding the Turning Point in Qing Dynasty's System of Copper Procurement
KAWAMOTO Masatomo The Life of Bahā al-Dīn Naqshband (1318-89) and the End of the Chaghatay Khānate
NAKAMACHI Nobutaka The Life of a Little-Known Intellectual of the Mamluk Period: The Case Study of Aḥmad al-Aynī
FUKUSHIMA Megumi M. Arakawa, The Tang Empire and Communications and Trade in Eurasia.
Vol.70 No.3 (December 2011)
AOKI Atsushi The World of the Law as Cited in the Judgment of the Southern Song
ŌTSUBO Yoshiyuki Political Decision-Making Process at the Heart of the Qing Dynasty and the Zongli Yamen as Seen in the Ili Problem
SHIBUYA Kōichi On the Negotiations for the Peace Agreement of 1734-40 between the Qing and Zunghar: International Relations in Central Eurasia after the Conclusion of the Treaty of Kyakhta
NIMOMIYA Ayako Sufi Institution in the Rural Area of Northern India: The Case of Khānqāh Karīmīya
MORI Eisuke S. Yamazaki, Chinese World Order in Five Dynasties Era.
HASHIMOTO Yu H. Okamoto, Research on the History of Maritime Interaction of Ryukyu Kingdom.
Vol.70 No.2 (September 2011)
KAWAMOTO Yoshiaki A Re-examination of the Inner Court of the Northern Wei dynasty, As Seen from the Point of View of Comparative History
HIRATA Yōichirō The Twenty-Four Army System and the Fubing System of the Western Wei and Northern Zhou
ENOMOTO Wataru The Japanese Monk Chintei Kaiju who Traveled to Yuan and the Relations between Japan and Late-Yuan and Early Ming China, With an Introduction to a Newly Discovered Biography of the Monk
KISHI Toshihiko Transfer of the Rights to Purchase, Lay, and Owner Undersea Telegraphic Cables between Japan and Taiwan in the Early Stage of the Colonial Period
KONDŌ Nobuaki Shari'a Court Registers from Tehran in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
OKANO Makoto M. Tsuji, The Penal System of the Tang and Song Dynasties.
TURUNARI Hisaaki T. Terada, A Study on the Chinese Gentry in Ming Dynasty.
TANG Chihua X. Liu, From the Elements of International Law to Diplomacy based on International law: The Reeception, Interpretation, and Application of International law in the Late Qing.
Vol.70 No.1 (June 2011)
LIU Hsinning Collective Responsibility of Co-Inhabitants under the Legal Codes of Qin and Han
SUZUKI Kôsetsu The Revival and Development of the Türk Qaγanate in the Gobi Desert during the Tang Dynasty
KOIZUMI Junko The Diplomatic Relations of Siam with France and Qing China in the mid-1880s
KASUYA Ken'ichi On the Structure of Power in Joseon following the Period of the Kabo Reform
SATO Yoshifumi The Problem of Local Self-Government and the Establishment of the Self-Governing Regions in the Late Qing, Focusing on the Jurisdiction of Sunan Area
ONODERA Shiro H. Tanaka, Political Integration and Local Society in Modern China: Constitutionalism, Local Self-Government, and Local Elite.
Vol.69 No.4 (March 2011)
OKAMURA Hidenori A Millennium of Research on Ancient Minors: Paradigms in Chinese Archaeology
MEGURO Kyôko The Rites of Feng and Shan of Wudi of the Former Han: A Consideration of Political Significance and Ritual
MAEJIMA Yoshitaka Regarding the Bureaucratic Structure of the Regime of Yuwen Tai of the Western Wei
TAKAHASHI Hiroomi Ceremonies Performed by the Emperor of the Southern Song at Lin'an
TOBE Ken The Development and Background of Compulsory Education in Tianjin from the Latter Half of the 1920s through the 1940s
OKA Hiroki Y. Kusunoki, The History of Early Qing's Policy toward the Mongols.
Vol.69 No.3 (December 2010)
SOFUKAWA Hiroshi An Iconographical Consideration of a Bronze Artifact Excavated from the Ritual Pit at Sanxingdui
SAKAI Takashi A Preliminary Study of Vietnamese Decorated Tiles Found in Java: On the Interaction with Islamic Culture
ENOMOTO Yasuko Popular Songs that Disappeared from Chinese Music History: Another Recital of "Yelaixiang Rhapsody"
LI Li A. H. Hafner, The penal system of the Qin and Han.
ZHOU Dongping D. Qian, The New Commentary of the Tang Code Explained (Tang-Lu Shu-Yi).
ISOGAI Masumi M. Hamamoto, Islam in Holy Russia: The Tatar Conversion to the Russian Orthodox Church.
ISHIKAWA Yoshihiro W. Iijima, T. Kubo, Y. Murata (eds.), Twentieth-century China, vol. 1 ~ 4.
Vol.69 No.2 (September 2010)
MATSUSHIMA Tatsuma On the Founding of Han Dynasty, Employing Jue(Ranks) as a Key to an Interpretation
MATSUSHITA Ken'ichi The Incident of the Official Historian Cui Hao of the Northern Wei, Re-examined from the Standpoint of the Legal System
AKAGI Takatoshi Kingship and the Idea of the Cakravartin in 10th Century Dunhuang
ONUMA Takahiro Relations between the Qing Dynasty and Kazakhs in the 1770s: The Closing of the Northwestern Border of the Qing Dynasty
MORINAGA Yasuyo M. Kawakatsu, The Ming-Qing Tribute System and the Chain of Megalopolises: The Changjiang and Grand Canal.
KABA Toyohiko K. Kikuchi, The Cooperative Societies in China 1911-1928: The Origin and Early Activities.
Vol.69 No.1 (June 2010)
WATANABE Yoshihiro Chinese Aristocracy and "Fengjian"
KUMAMOTO Takashi The Office of Functionaries in the Yuanyou Era of the Song
YAMAZAKI Satoshi On the Administration of Maritime Trade Offices in the Liangzhe Region during the Song Dynasty
TAKEUCHI Fusaji The Vietnamese Nationalist Party and Yunnan: The Yunnan-Haiphong Railway and Transborder Nationalism
INABA Minoru Kābul and Central Asia in the First Half of the 8th Century
YOKOYAMA Hiroaki, MATSUI Naoyuki S. Soda, The Starting to Constitutional National China: Meiji Constitutional Government and Modern China.
Vol.68 No.4 (March 2010)
SATO Tatsuro On Regional Orders during the Han and Six Dynasties Period
YAMANE Naoki The Restructuring of Cheng Minzheng's Genealogy and the Legend of the Huangdun Migration in the Ming-era
LIN Shumei The Boundary between the Han and Mountain Aborigines and the Role of the Fan-ge as Seen from the Perspective of Armed Conflicts in 19th-Century Taiwan
SIONOZAKI Shinya Residents and Rulers of Darband in the 18th century
MISAWA Nobuo Controlling Eastern Anatolia during the Reign of Suleyman I: The Development of the Timār System in the Malatya Region
NAKAYAMA Shigeru M. Kamiya, The Development of the Commandery-County System in the Han Period.
SAKAI Hiroki Y. Yamanaka, The Allegoresis of Alexander the Great: From Antiquity to Medieval Islam.
MORITA Yoshihiko Yan Li, Foreign Policy in Regard to Japan and Consciousness of the Japanese Language in the Late-Qing: Caught between Tribute and Treaty.
ENATSU Yoshiki T. Aratake, Immigrants and the Development of Modern Manchuria: Those who Crossed the Bohai Sea.
Vol.68 No.3 (December 2009)
TANAKA Kazuki The Court of the Heir Apparent in Western Jin and His Maternal Relatives of the Yang Clan
MOCHIZUKI Naoto The French Notification to China of the Saigon Treaty and the Chinese Military Expeditions in Tonkin: A Consideration of Sino-French Relations regarding Vietnam in the Latter Half of the 1870s
JOHCHI Takashi A Consideration of Shao Fang, A Commoner of Danyang: the Politics of the Late Ming as Seen from the Actions of a Politician
WATANABE Miki Invasion of the Ryûkyû Kingdom and Japanese and Ming Relations
Trend of Oriental Researches  
MUKAI Yusuke Archaeological Evidence from the Northern Wei and the Sinification of the Xianbei
NAKAMURA Atsushi Oka Hiroki, Study on ciGulGan and qosiGu of Qing era Mongolia.
Vol.68 No.2 (September 2009)
ŌTA Maiko The Eastern Shift of Chu as Seen from the Ejun Qi jie
ZHANG Wen The Kunju and Its Actresses in Modern Shanghai
KANEKO Syūichi The Appraisal of Empress Wu in the Imperial Edicts of the Tang Dynasty
KISHIMOTO Mio On the Early-Qing Wenwu Xiangjianyi Zhu
NODA Jin The Russo-Qing Trade in Central Asia and the Kazakh Steppe
MOCHIZUKI Naoto N. Shinonaga, French Imperialism and China.
KOBAYASHI Takeshi H. Takeuchi, Kang You-wei and Chinese modern Da-Tong Thought.
HUANG Donglan H. Kaneko, The Relationship between Central Government and Local Governments in Modern China: National Integration and Administration and Finance in the First Half of the Republican Period.
FUKAMACHI Hideo T. Ajioka, Political Reforms under the Guomindan's Tutelage.
MOTONO Eiichi T. Shiroyama, China during the Great Depression: Market, State, and the World Economy, 1929-1937.
Vol.68 No.1 (June 2009)
IWAMI Kiyohiro A Re-examination of the Regulation of Subject People during the Tang Dynasty, Based on the Tiengsheng-ling Code of Kaiyuan 25
ASAMI Yōji From Textual Criticism to Theories of Literary Genesis: Commentaries on Song Poetic Anthologies, Focusing on the Use of Holographic Manuscripts and Stone Inscriptions in Commentaries on the Poetry of Su Shi and Huang Tingjian
TŌ Takehiko Flood Control Policy in Zhili, Focusing on Flood Control of the Ziya during the Early Qianlong Era
KATAGIRI Hiromichi A Consideration of the mda' dpon: A Military Post in the Government of the Dalai Lama
Vol.67 No.4 (March 2009)
IGURO Sinobu A Glimpse of Agricultural Policy of Jin and Mongol Periods as Seen in the Implementaion of Outian System
ASAKASA Tuneaki Qoshila's Escape to the West and Descendants of Baidar, Chagatai's Youngest Son
WU Yue On the Formation of the Juanfu System during the Qing Dynasty, Chiefly in Terms of the Mutual Relationshiop with the Kaoke System
MIZUHA Nobuo On the "National Bourgeoisie" of the 1950s: Considerd in light of the Anti-Rightist Movement of the China Democratic National Construction Association
Trend of Oriental Researches  
TAKEUCHI Tuguhito Problems and Progress in Old Tibetian Studies
MIYAMOTO Kazuo L. von Falkenhausen, translated by M. Yoshimoto, Chinese Society in the Age of Confucius (1000-250BC): The Archaeological Evidence.
KAWAJIRI Akio Y. Matumoto, The Imperial Palace and the Imperial Conference of T'ang Dynasty: Development of the Court Assembly System of T'ang Dynasty.
KIM Young- Jin S. Fuma, Korean Embassies to Beijing and Korean Embassies to Japan.
OTA Nobuhiro T. Mizushima, A Study of the Social Structure and Spheres in Pre-Modern South India.
Vol.67 No.3 (December 2008)
MORIHIRA Masahiko Notes on the Marital Relations between the Royal House of Goryeo and the Mongol Imperial Family
YAGI Takeshi The Understanding of the Ancient Joseon Dynasties during the Early-Modern Joseon Dynasty
NAKA Sumio Yun Geun-su and Lu Guangzu: Arguments between Chinese and Korean Intellectuals in the Zhu-Lu Disputations
KUWANO Eiji Diplomatic Negotiations with Ming Dynasty in the Third Decade of the Reign of Chungjong of Joseon
FUMA Susumu Hong Daeyon's Journey to Beijing in 1765 and the Joseon Embassy to Japan of 1764, Focusing on Their Experiences of Chinese and Japanese Passion
YAMAGUCHI Akihiko T. Morikawa, Shi'ite Pilgrimage to the Sacred 'Atābāt.
Vol.67 No.2 (September 2008)
SUGIMURA Sinji The Background of Emperor Jing's Policy Change on the Commandery and Principality System during the Former Han Dynasty
ARAKAWA Masaharu The Symbolic Relationship between Nomadic and Oasis-centered States: As Seen in the Case of the Western Türk and Gao-Chang Kingdom under the Royal House of Qu
IIYAMA Tomoyasu On the Compilation of the Yunshi Guogong Fuzhai Yanxinglu (A memmoir of His Excellency, Fiscal Attendant Guo Fuzhai): Scholarly Life and Self-conciousness of Officials Who Rose from the Ranks of Lower-ranking Clerical Officials in the Yuan Period
YAMAMOTO Meishi Tibet in the Age of the Mongols: The Role of the Jamči and Communication between Tibet and China Proper
SHIMIZU Kazuhiro The Daughters of Yazdajird: the Formation of the Legend of Shahrbānū and the Early Islamic World
A. Feng J. Fan, Commercial Disputes and Business Litigation during the Ming-Qing Period.
Vol.67 No.1 (June 2008)
PIAO Yan The Emigration of Koreans to Liao Dong during the Ming Dynasty
MIYA Noriko On the Yuan-era Printed Edition of the Shilin Guangji from the former Collection of Sô Family of Tsushima
ŌTA Izuru A Consideration of the Xiejia during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with a Particular Focus on their Relationship to Lawsuits
LIU Sufen Nationalism and Flags of Convenience: Japanese Shipping in North China in the Mid-1930s
KONDO Kazunari K. Umehara, Studies of Judicial Administration in Song China.