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Vol.63 - Vol.66

Vol.66 No.4 (March 2008)
YAMASHITA Shôji The Tang Pasturage Overseer System and the Pasturage of the Sogdians in Tang
YAO Takao The History of the Agricultural Exploitation of Côi Trì Village in Ninh Bình Province in the Red River Delta of Vietnam: A Reconsideration of Relations between Local and National Officials and the Populace
MATSUI Yoshinori Western Zhou History in the Collective Memory of the People of the Western Zhou: An Interpretation of the Inscription of the "Lai pan"
GOTÔ Yukako Safavid Chronicles and the Introduction of the Turkish Calendar
TAKASE Natsuko M. Maruhashi, Financial Administration on the Northern Frontiers during the Tang, China.
Vol.66 No.3 (December 2007)
MIYAKE Kiyoshi A Hypothesis Concerning the History of the Development of the Penal System during the Qin and Han Dynasties: Castration and Punitive Military Service
IGARASHI Daisuke The Mamluk Regime and Waqf: The Structure of the Military Rule in the Period of the Decline of the Iqṭā' System
SATÔ Takayasu Two Types of Bureaucracy of Xi Xia: How Bureaucrats Were Appointed in the Latter Half of the 12th Century
MORIYASU Takao The Hu (Sogdian) during the Tang Dynasty and Buddhist World Geography
SUEYASU Ando (HARFNER Arnd Helmut) A. Momiyama, The Administration of Justice in Ancient China.
KAWAI Yasushi K. Nakamura, The Study of Regional History of Jiangnan in the Six Dynasties Period.
Vol.66 No.2 (September 2007)
WATANABE Hideyuki The Concepts of Xia and Chenbang in Qin Law
TOMIYA Itaru Between Ritual and Punishment: The Transition of The Crime of Bribery
MURAI Shôsuke Japanese Castles as Seen from Korean Historical Materials
NAKAJIMA Gakushô Investing the King of Japan as a Vassal and Receiving Tribute: The Issue of Opening Ningbo to the Tribute Trade in 1594
HIRATA Shigeki T Kinugawa, A Social History of Scholar-officials in the Song Dynasty.
Vol.66 No.1 (June 2007)
OKAMOTO Takashi Between Vassalité and Protectorat: The Sino-French Controversy on the Tonkin Affair, 1880-1883
MURAI Hiroshi The Pictorial Magazine Liangyou and the Overseas Chinese Network: The History of "Shanghai" Popular Culture as Seen from Its Relationship with Hong Kong and the Overseas Chinese Sphere
TANIGUCHI Jun'ichi Islamic Religious Institution in Aleppo during the Mamlukid Period
WADA Ikuko The Relationship of the Sulṭāns of Golkonda and Maritime Trade and Ports: Focusing on the Reign of Sulṭān 'Abd Allāh Quṭb Shāh (1626-72)
TANAKA Hideki Y. Yu, Neo-Confucianism (Songming Lixue) and Political Culture.
KIKUCHI Toshihiko S. Matsuura, Qing policy towards the Amur District and Minorities.
Vol.65 No.4 (March 2007)
TSUCHIGUCHI Fuminori Control of Territory in the Spring and Autumn Period: Concerning the Control of the Yi
MURAO Susumu The Twenty-fourth Year of Qianlong (1759): The Border Formed by Canton and Aomen (Macao)
MURAKAMI Ei The Reorganization of the Maritime Order in Coastal Area of South China during the Mid-nineteenth Century: The British Royal Navy and the Pirates of Fujian and Guangdong
OKAWARA Tomoki Histrorical Demography and Syria: A Quantitative Analysis of Nuptiality in Damascus
HANEDA Masashi H. Yajima, The Maritime World in Global History: The Interrelations between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea through History.
INABA Minoru K. Shimizu, Slave Soldiers, Bureaucrats and the People: Iraqi Society during the Disintegration of the 'Abbāsid Dynasty.
Vol.65 No.3 (December 2006)
FURUMATSU Takashi Fajun and the Bodhisattva Precept Ordination Platform at Maanshan in Yanjing: The Spread of the Mahāyāna Bodhisattva Precepts in Khitan (Liao)
MORIKAWA Tomoko Pilgrims and the 'Modernization' Seen at the Iran-Ottoman Border in the Latter Half of the 19th Century
AOKI Takeshi The Imperial Ideology of Sassanid Kingdom and Zoroastrianism, Seen Through an Examination of the Sacred Fire of Ādur Gušnasp and the Imperial Throne of Takht-i Taqdīs
HAMAMOTO Mami The Foundation of the Tatar Trading Town of Qarghālī (Seitovskaia Sloboda) - Early 18th Century Russian Religious Policy and Eastward Expansion -
Trend of Oriental Researches  
OKAMURA Hidenori Agriculture, Ritual and Power in Ancient China
OHARA Yoshitoyo The Relationship between Sovereign Power and Buddhism in Medieval China and Japan
TAKAHASHI Bunji N. Miya, The Publishing Culture of Mongol Period.
Vol.65 No.2 (September 2006)
TANAKA Hideki Admiration of the "Crazed" Zeng Dian by Neo-Confucian Scholar Officials of the Song Dynasty: Focusing on the Dialogs of Zhu Xi and His Disciples
TANABE Akihide From the Da Qing Criminal Code to Temporary Criminal Code: On the Establishment of the Modern Criminal Code in China
MATSUMOTO Yasunobu The Daily Functioning of the Imperial Court in the First-half of the Tang Dynasty, Concentrating on the Taijigong
KURIYAMA Yasuyuki The Foreign Relations of Yemen in the World of the Western Indian Ocean in the 17th Century
SUGIMOTO Kenji M. Hara, The Birth of the Physiocracy and the Loess: The Development and the Environment in Ancient China, 2.
OSHIMA Ritsuko M. Osawa, The Family, Marriage and Women in Tang and Song Periods.
Vol.65 No.1 (June 2006)
MOMIYAMA Akira A Reconsideration of Wooden Slips Concerned with the Bestowal of Royal Staffs
SHI Xiaojun Honorific Titles and "Borrowed Ranks" Accorded Those on Foreign Missions during the Period of the Sui and Tang Dynasties
KOMAKI Shôhei Yār Moḥammad Khān in Herāt: The Political Relationship between Iran and Afghanistan in the Mid-19th Century
HORII Satoe The Legislative Goal of Pre-emption in Egyptian Civil Code
KICENGGE On the Origin of the Eight-Banner Niru and the Classification of the Niru
KIKUCHI Kazutaka S. Okumura, Capitalism and Communism in China: Reconstruction of Historical Image of Modern China.
Vol.64 No.4 (March 2006)
INOUE Mitsuyuki Jiang Shaoshu and Wang Yueshi: The Activities of the Merchants of Huizhou and the Art Market of the Late Ming and Early Qing as Seen in Yunshizhai bitan
NISHIZATO Kikô A Reconsideration of Chinese, Japanese, and Ryukyuan Relations in the Xianfeng-Tongzhi (Meiji Restoration) Period: The Problem of the Investiture of Shoh Tai and Its Background
CHIBA Masashi The Formation of the System of Telegraphic Imperial Edicts and Memorials in the Late On the Introduction of Telegraphic Communications in the Qing Political System
YAGI Takeshi Personnel Administration and Letters of Appointment during the Goryeo Dynasty
SUZUKI Hiroyuki S. Usui, The Study of Huizhou Merchants.
TAKAHASHI Hidenao T. Okamoto, Between Dependency and Sovereignty: Sino-Korean Relations in the Late Nineteenth Century and the Fate of the Far East.
TAKEUCHI Hiroyuki N. Mori, The Confucian Movement China at Turning Point.
KONAGAYA Yuki M. Bao, A Study the Urban and Architectural History on and Permanent Settlement in Hohhot.
Vol.64 No.3 (December 2005)
MATSUI Yoshinori The Recalled History of the Western Zhou: Deciphering the Inscription of Lai Pan
MARUHASHI Mitsuhiro Military Ceremonials and Social Order in the Period of Upheaval between the Tang and Song Dynasties
TAGUCHI Kôjirô Tribute Grain and its Surplus during the Ming Dynasty
YU Xinzhong On the Evolution of the Concept of weisheng in the Later Qing Dynasty
INOUE Osamu H. Okada tr., Erdeni-yin Tobci ('precious summary'): A Mongolian Chronicle of 1662.
Vol.64 No.2 (September 2005)
YONEDA Takeshi The Zhongchao and Shangshu in the Last Period of the Former Han, As Seen from the Viewpoint of the Daily Administration of the Emperor
ROKUTANDA Yutaka The Term for Paying the Rice-Field Tax the Early Joseon Dynasty, With a Focus on Shipment of Grain by Boat
MIURA Shuichi The Scholarly Tradition of Fang Clan in Tongcheng and Its Continuation in the Late Ming
ONO Tatsuya The Relationship between the Shifting of Funds and Examination of Administrative Results under the Bureaucratic System of the Qing
Trend of Oriental Researches  
KOHAMA Masako Oral Histories and the Japanese Military's Sexual Violence in Yu Country, Shangxi Province, during WWII
KOMINAMI Ichiro T. Kirimoto, The Folklore and the Culture in Ancient China.
ISHIHAMA Yumiko S. Hirano, The Qing Dynasty and the Tibetan Problem.
KIBATA Yoichi J. L. Helvia, English Lessons: The Pedagogy of Imperialism in Nineteenth-Century China.
Vol.64 No.1 (June 2005)
ISHINO Kazuharu Revival of Chinese Potalaka: the Pilgrimage to Putuoshan in Late Ming China
SAGAWA Eiji The Compilation of the Weishu and the Revolurionary Shift from the Eastern Wei to the Northern Qi
KINOSHITA Tetsuya Ming and Ling: Zhu Xi's Interpretation of 天命之謂性
KISAICHI Masatoshi The Transformation of the Concept of Baraka and the Development of the Veneration of Sufi Saints as Seen through an Analysis of Historical Documents of Medieval Maghreb
WATANABE Takashi A Re-examination of the Recruiting System in "Military Provinces" in the Late Tang--Focusing on the Composition of Personnel in Ancillary Posts in Huainan and Zhexi
TOMIYA Itaru S. Fukui, A Historical Study of Han Confucianism: a Reexamination of the Established Opinion concerning Confucianism as Official Learning.
HOKARI Hiroyuki X.Yu, The Epidemic and Society in Jiangnan Region in Qing Dynasty: A Study of the Social History of Medicine.
Vol.63 No.4 (March 2005)
KUBOTA Kazuo The Capital Kaifeng in the Age of Emperor Huizong of the Northern Song
FUNADA Yoshiyuki On the Promulgation of Written Edicts in the Yuan Period
TANII Toshihito A Consideration of the Phrase Yixin yide: The Logic of Political Legitimization in the Qing Dynasty
BENNO Saiichi Economic Relations between Subei and Sunan Regarding the Production of Rice in the First Half of Twentieth Century
SHIRAISHI Noriyuki The Origins of the Shrine of Chingis Khan
ISHIKAWA Ryota Trade with Shanghai by Chinese Merchants after the Opening of Korean Ports: Viewed through the Historical Records of Tongshuntai
TAKAHASHI Bunji K. Morita, The Intelligentsias and Local Society of Yuan Dynasty.
MATSUDA Kochi M. Sugiyama, The Mongol Empire and Dai-ön Ulus.
TAKATSU Takashi Lucille Chia, Printing for Profit: The Commercial Publishers of Jianyang, Fujian (11th - 17th Centuries).
Vol.63 No.3 (December 2004)
DANJO Hiroshi The Formation and Background of the Ming Dynasty Concept of Maritime Exclusion: From a Prohibition on Voyages in Foreign Waters to a Prohibition on Voyages for Trading with Foreigners
MAEHIRA Fusaaki The Problem of Piracy and the Ryukyu during the Qing Dynasty, Viewed from the Standpoint of the Study of Maritime Regions
MURAKAMI Ei The Reorganization of the Maritime Order in Southern China: The British Navy and Piracy in Southeastern China
LI Tana A View from the Sea: The Northern Vietnamese Coast in a Regional Context
Trend of Oriental Researches
IKUTA Sigeru Studies and Researches in the History of Maritime Southeast Asia: Prospect and Retrospect
KISHIMOTO Mio S. Iwai, A Study of the Fiscal System Late Imperial China.
MEGURO Katsuhiko H. Inoue, A Study for Anti-Opium Policy of the Qing Government before the Opium War.
Vol.63 No.2 (September 2004)
GIELE Enno New Glimpses of the Early Chinese Postal System
UETANI Kôichi The Hongdumenxue in the Political History of the Later Han: Towards a Re-evaluation of the Reformation in the Period of Emperor Ling
MORIHIRA Masahiko The Embassy from the Koryo Dynasty to the Yuan Empire in Zhiyuan 10 (1273) as Seen from the Binwangnok
MIYA Noriko The Sphere of Mongol Written Edicts As Seen in the Longhushanzhi: A Prelude to the Study of the Zhengyi Sect
INABA Ichirô Qian Daxin's Local History, the Qianlong Yinxian-zhi
MIZUSHIMA Tsukasa O. Kondō, Studies in the History of Mughal India.
Vol.63 No.1 (June 2004)
FUJIMOTO Takeshi "Vital Military Officers": The Political Circumstances of Hsiao-tsung of the Southern Sung and the Ko-men she-jen
TAKATÔ Takuji The Function and Reality of the Autumn Assizes during the Qing Dynasty
ISHIKAWA Yoshihiro On the Second Congress of the Chinese Communist Party
MATSUI Dai Uigur Peasant and Buddhist Monasteries during the Mongol Period: Re-examination of the Uigur Document U5330 (USp77)
KAWAMURA Yasushi S. Shiga, Collected Works on Chinese Legal History: Codification and Punishment.
TAKATA Tokio X. Rong, Medieval China and Foreign Civilization.
KAGEYAMA Masahiro Y. Kobayashi, A Study of China's Attempts to Modernize its Educational System.