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Vol.71 -

Vol.71 No.2 (September 2012)
SHI Yang A Historical Investigation of Fluctuations in Labor Compensation during the Two Han Dynasties
FUKUNAGA Yoshitaka The Shangshu and Neichao during the Han Dynasty
SHIOZAWA Hirohito A Consideration of the Water Resources of the Gushui River in Luoyang during the Han-Wei Period
NAKAMI Tatsuo The Legacy of BabuÇ°ab: A Portrait of an Inner Mongolian and His Failed Quest for Mongolian Independence
SAITO Kumiko The Timar Policy of the Ottoman Empire: On the Introduction of the Timar System into Bitlis
MIZUMA Daisuke K. Miyake, A History of the Penal System in Early China.
KITSUDO Koichi J. Oda, A Study on the Buddhistic Sutra Named Sakizyukmak yaruq or Sakiz torlugin yarumis yaltrimis in Old Turkic.
Vol.71 No.1 (June 2012)
NOGUCHI Yu The Duties of the Office of the Chief Commandant in the Border Regions and the System of Rule of the Border Regions
JIAO Kun The Yangming Faction of Scholar-Officials and the Politics of the Early Years of the Reign of Emperor Jiajing: On the Political Ethics of the Yangming School
KOBAYASHI Akira The Influence of the Retired Emperor during the Reign of Emperor Xiaozong of the Southern Song and the Politics of the Emperor's Close Associates
KOMATSU Kaori A Consideration of Economic Nationalism in the Ottoman Empire
PARK Yoncoru S. Fuma (ed.), Historical Studies on Chinese Litigious Society.
WATARI Masahiro H. Cha, 'Shepherd Magistrate' on the Scale.
MAYUZUMI Akitsu H. Odaka, The Europeanization of the Ottoman Diplomacy: the Conversion from Unilateralism to Reciprocity.
NAKAMURA Tomomi J. Noda, The "Kazakh Khanate": between Russian and Qing empires.