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Table of Contents

Vol.55 - Vol.58

Vol.58 No.4 (March 2000)
MIYAKE Kiyoshi The Aristocratic Rank and Penalty under the Qin-Han Dynasties
SATO Tatsuro The Formation of the Seniority-Based Promotion System
SUKAWA Hidenori Economic Policies in the Chosun Dynasty
YOSHIDA Mitsuo The Relationship Between Formation of the "Sajok" (Local elite) Lineage and "Up" (Regional Space) in Early Modern Korea: A Case Study of An-dong Kwon Family in Tanseong
TSUTSUMI Kazuaki Early Political History of South China under the Yuan Dynasty (the Dai-ŏn ulus)
OHTSU Tohru K. Shigechika, Tax and Service Systems of the Qin and Han Dynasties.
MOMIYAMA Akira I. Tomiya, The Penal Systems of the Qin and Han Dynasties.
IWAMI Kiyohiro Y. Kawamoto, Racial Probrems during the Six Dynasties Periods.
Vol.58 No.3 (December 1999)
NAKAJIMA Gakusho Disputes over the "Dian-pu" System in Hui-zhou Prefecture in the Late Ming
ISHIBASHI Takao A Basic Study on the Reconstruction of the Historical Image of the Qing Dynasty Based on an Investigation of the Nenehe GENGGIYEN Han i Sain Yabuha Kooli Uheri Juwan Nadan Debtelin, Early Qing Manchu Archives in the Pre-1644 Period
AKAMINE Mamoru Ryukyu Refugee Repatriation System of the Qing Dynasty - A Case Study of the "Sanyou Iriomote Sen" Shipwreck in 1760 -
ODA Noriko The Chaiyao and Qing-miao Hui in the Northern China during the Qing: A Case Of Shun-Tian Fu, Bao-Di Xian since The Years Of Jiaqing
YAMAMOTO Eishi The Rural System and Rural Clerks in the Qing Period - A Study of Local Documents about the Dongting shan District, Suzhou -
The Trend of Oriental Researches  
ENATSU Yoshiki Study on the Local History and Archives of the North-Eastern China with Reference to Local Administration and Land Affairs
Vol.58 No.2 (September 1999)
AOKI Atsushi On Permission of By-passing the Court of Jurisdiction from the End of the Northern Song through the Southern Song Dynasties
TANII Yoko The Standardization of the Interpretation and Application of the Ming Code
MORI Masao Town Gazetteers and Local Communities of the Jiang-nan Delta in the Qing Dynasty
SHIROYAMA Tomoko Financial Crisis in Shanghai from 1934 to 1935
KANEKO Yasuharu T. Miyazawa, State and Economy in Sung China: Finance, Market and Money.
Vol.58 No.1 (June 1999)
ŌNO Kōji A Statistical Study of Successful Candidates of the Final Palace Examination and Their Initial Appointments in the Ming Period Based on Tong-nian-chi lu
AKAGI Ryuji On the Yuan Opera as an Artistic Form to Express Thought
NAKAMURA Jun Some Notes on the Buddhist Temples in Dadu the Capital of the Yuan Dynasty
OKAMOTO Takashi Salt Gabelle in Late Qing and Early Republican China
MATSUMOTO Akiro On Ma Lian-yuan's "Sharh al-latā'if"
OHKUSHI Atsuhiro M. Kudo, The State and Society in the Qin Period as Seen in the Qin Bamboo-Scripts of Shuihudi.
YAMANE Yukio K. Taniguchi, Studies on the Statue Labour System in the Ming Dynasty.
YANAGIDA Setsuko Z. Wang, The Class Structure in Song Dynasty.
KIN Bunkyo H. Chen, Liu Po-wen and No-chi City: A Legend of the Building of Beijing.
Vol.57 No.4 (March 1999)
OKAMOTO Hiromichi The Ming Dynasty's Tributary Relations with Ryukyu and Its Change - Particularly in the 14th and 15th Centuries -
MATSUI Yoshinori The Age of Zhong Shan Fu
WATANABE Hisashi A Study of Jing-lue an-fushi in the Northern Song Dynasty
HAFNER Arnd Helmut (SUEYASU Ando) Function of Amends Fine Law in Traditional Chinese Penalty System - In Light of Comparison between the Conception in the Criminal Law Code of the Tang and Legal Practice in the Ming -
TANIGUCHI Junichi Qādis and Rulers of Aleppo from the 11th to the 13th Centuries
KAWAKAMI Yo K. Iwami, The Issues of Northern Tribes and International Order in the Tang Dynasty.
SAKURAI Satomi T. Uematsu, Studies in the Political and Social History of Southern China during the Yuan Period.
Vol.57 No.3 (December 1998)
TOKUNAGA Yosuke The Imperial Edict from the Emperor Himself during the Song Period
SHIMASUE Kazuyasu On the Provincial Remittance Money during the Northern Song Dynasty
SHIMIZU Kazuhiro 'The Right of the State Treasury' on Private Estates in the Abbasid Period
UEMURA Yasuo The Food Shortage and Javanese Society at the End of 1910's and 1920
YOSHIMOTO Michimasa K. Fujita, Shi-ji Materials on the History of the Warring State Period.
MORIYASU Takao M. Mori, Historical Study of the Ancient Turkic People III.
MIYAMOTO Kensuke Y. Uemura, The 1929 Crisis and Javanese Rural Society.
Vol.57 No.2 (September 1998)
YONEDA Takeshi Guang-lu-xun and Da-fu in the Han Dynasty
IWAMI Kiyohiro On the Ceremony of Presenting the National Document by the Tang Dynasty
INOUE Susumu The Qian-qing-tang Shu-mu and the Draft of The Ming-shi Yi-wen-zhi
OTANI Toshio The Administration under Tao Shu, the Statecraft Bureaucrat and His Thought in the Qing Dynasty
SHIBA Yoshinobu S. Fuma, A Study of Benevolent Societies and Benevolent Halls in China,.
MITA Masahiko O. Kondō, An Introduction to the Studies in Indian History,
Vol.57 No.1 (June 1998)
ONO Tatsuya The Formation of the "Two Drafters" System
FURUMATSU Takashi Local Service and Expenses of Local Administration under the Song Dynasty
NODA Toshiaki Status Consciousness among the Aristocracy in Liang China
FURUHATA Toru A Study on Circulation of the Tang hui-yao
KITAGAWA Toshiaki A Study of the Compilation of Tong-dian by Du You (735~812) - With Reference to His Circumstances in the Time of Its Presentation -
MANO Eiji The Collected Works of Bābur Preserved at the Saltanatī Library in Tehran
MORI Noriko S. Okamoto, Prohibited Books in Qing Period.
Vol.56 No.4 (March 1998)
YAMADA Katsuyoshi The Development of Manual Industries and the Vicissitudes of Government Workshops (Gong Guan) in the Qin and Han Dynasties
SAKURAI Satomi The Activities and Personal Background of Zhao Mengfu
SAKAKURA Atsuhide The Minister of Personnel Jian yi and His Times
HOSOMI Kazuhiro The Relationship between Li Hongzhang and the Board of Revenue: A Study of the Process of Construction of the Beiyang Fleet
SHITOMI Yuzou The Relationship between Kingdoms in Ancient South Arabia and the Arab Bedouin
KOJIMA Tuyoshi V. Hansen, Negotiating Daily Life in Traditional China: How Ordinary People Used Contracts 600-1400.
ADACHI Keiji M. Kishimoto, Prices and Economical Changes in the Qing Period.
HARUTA Seiro, FUJII Hideo S. Kodama, Palmyra the Caravan City.
Vol.56 No.3 (December 1997)
SAHARA Yasuo Han Punishment of Military Officers as Reconstructed from the Juyan Hanjian
UKAI Masao Research on the Official Document Entitled Dang Shi Zhe An of A. D.17 in the Reign of Wang Mang: A Focus on the Meaning of "An"
OTAGI Hajime A Re-Examination of the Fu-Bing System in the Tang Period - A Historical and Geographical Analysis of Zhe-Chong-Fu
KEGASAWA Yasunori A Study of the Expansion of the Fu-Bing Military System and the Soldiers Involved in This in Tang-Dynasty Xi-Zhou Province
SHIRASU Joshin The System of Communication of the Decree of a King in the GaoChang Kingdom of the Qu Dynasty
ARAKAWA Masaharu Sogdians in the Tang Empire
YAO Takao The Ha Family of Gia Hung Prefecture in the Period of King Le Thanh Tong: Analysis from a Comparison of Testaments
OKAMOTO Sae K. Ono, The Dong-Lin Movement and Restoration Society in the Late Ming.
Vol.56 No.2 (September 1997)
SASAKI Megumi The Change in Mao Chi-ling's View of Scholarship
TAKASHIMA Ko The Birth of Fire Brigades in Qing China
SADATE Haruhito Law and District Courts in Premodern China: The Meaning of Judicial Decisions Made Outside the Law
YOSHIZAWA Seiichiro Hairstyle and Progress: The Significanse of the Cutting of the Queue in the Late Qing
KOSE Hajime The Peking Special Tariff Conference and the China Maritime Customs
KOMAKI Shohei Khorāsān in the Mid-Eighteenth Century: The Dorrānis and the Afshārs after the Assassination of Nāder Shāh
SEKIO Shiro Seminar on History of Mdieval China (ed.), Studies on History of Medieval China, a second volume.
WATABE Takeshi M. Osawa, Farming System in Tang-Song China: Aspects of Productive Forces during the Period of Social Change.
Vol.56 No.1 (June 1997)
KOMINAMI Ichiro Historical Background of the Erection of the "Shiguwen" (Stone of Epitaph)
KISHIMA Fumio The Range and Social Function of the Scholarly Activities of Medieval Chinese Literati - The Case of Xu Shanxin of the Sui Dynasty -
TAKAHASHI Bunji The Control Systems of Taoist Sects during the Yuan Dynasty
ITO Masahiko A Reform Plan of Area Politics and Local Administration at the End of the Yuan Era
KUBO Toru The Sino-Japanese Tariff Agreement and the 1930 Tariff
SUGAHARA Mutsumi E. Mano, Bābur-Nāma (Vaqāyi'), I. Critical Edition Bosed on Four Chaghatay Texts with Introduction and Notes, II. Concordance and Crassified Indexes.
HOKARI Hiroyuki B. Goodman, Native Place, City, and Nation: Regional Networks and Identities in Shanghai, 1853-1937.
Vol.55 No.4 (March 1997)
CHA Hye-won Changes in the Bureaucratic Evaluation System during the Ming Dynasty: The Relationship between Kao-man and Kao-cha
OKI Yasushi On and Around Yan Song and His Son: Wang Shi-zhen, Jin ping mei, etc.
NATSUI Haruki On the Conditions of Farm Tenancy in Suzhou in the 1920's
YASUI Sankichi A Reconsideration of the Lugouqiao Bridge Incident: On "the Well Planned Incident of the Japanese Army" in China
UMEHARA Kaoru S. Yanagida, Studies in the Social and Economical History of the Song and the Yuan Dynasty.
SADAKANE Keiji N. Odani, Gandharah Art and the Kushan Dynasty.
Vol.55 No.3 (December 1996)
HAYASHI Minao Feast of Ancestors in Yin-Zhou Period
KINOSHITA Tetsuya From "Zhi" to "Li": A Change in the Key Term of Political Thinking in the Tang-Song Period
USUI Sachiko "Inheritance" as Seen in the Huizhou Deeds and Contracts
INOUE Hiromasa On the Idea to Legalize the Opium Trade
ABUMIYA Hajime Zhang Shizhao and the Peace Negotiations in Beiping, 1949
YEUNG Man Shun L. H. Zheng, The Chronological Record of Wang Shizhen.
NISHIMURA Sigeo N. Hazama eds., China in the 1920s.
Vol.55 No.2 (September 1996)
WAKAE Kenzo The Offense of "Lack of Filial Piety" in the Qin and Han Laws
SEO Tatsuhiko The Official Residences of Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty
KANEKO Shuichi The Cult of Heaven and the Imperial Ancestral Cult in the Latter Half of the Tang Dynasty
MATSUURA Sigeru The Hojihons in the Lower Reaches of the Amur River in the Eighteenth Century
MOTEGI Toshio T. Otani, Political Thought in the Ching Period and the Opium War.
EMURA Haruki N. Goi eds., The Ancient City of China.
KATSUFUJI Takeshi M. Haneda, A Study of Jean Chardin's Description of Isfahan.
Vol.55 No.1 (June 1996)
MIYAKE Kiyoshi Prior Submission to Higher Authority for Judgement: A Study of the Administration of Justice in the Han Dynasty
MARUHASHI Mitsuhiro Financial Administration on the Northern Frontiers during the Latter Half of the Tang Dynasty: A Study of the Local Agencies under the Department of Public Revenue
HOKARI Hiroyuki The Dong Hua Hospital, Hong Kong and the Cantonese Network: Disaster Relief Activities in the Early Twentieth Century
HIROSUE Masashi The Role of Immigrants in the Reconstruction of Inner Sumatran Ethnic Identities in the Early Modern Era
OTA Keiko Christian Arabs in the Early Islamic Period: the Case of the Banū Taghlib
MATSUURA Shigeru Y. Kawachi, Study on the History of the Jurched Tribes in the Ming Period.
ASANO Yuichi C. Itano, Studies on the Formation of Confucianism.
TOKUSHIGE Toshiko H. Sugawa, Economic Policy in the Later Choseon Period of Korea : State Authority and Commerce.
The Trend of Oriental Researches  
SUMIYA Tsuneko Studies on the Wooden Strips during the Qin and Han Dynasties