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Vol.51 - Vol.54

Vol.54 No.4 (March 1996)
NISHIKAWA Toshifumi A Study of the Ming-jing in the Han Dynasty
UENISHI Yasuyuki The Cultivation of the Qidongman Region in Jinghu Circuit during the Northern Song Dynasty
TSUTSUMI Kazuaki The Establishment of Jiangnan Regional Censorates in the Yuan Dynasty
KURODA Akinobu The Determination of Boundaries of Regional Economies in Traditional China: The Case of Taiyuan County in the Early Twentieth Century
MORIMOTO Kosei On the Origins of Private Landholding in the Areas Conquered by the Arabs
TERADA Hiroaki Kathryn Bernhardt and Philip C. C. Huang eds. Civil Law in Qing and Republican China.
SHINMEN Yasushi T. Saguchi, Studies on Muslims in Xinjiang.
Vol.54 No.3 (December 1995)
YOSHIKAWA Tadao The "Admonition to My Son" by Xu Mian of the Liang Era
WATANABE Yoshihiro The Political Enhancement of "Literature" in the Three Kingdoms Period - From the Viewpoint of the Formative History of the Six Dynasties Aristocracy -
KAWAI Yasushi The Rebellion of Tang Yu-zhi and the Shidafu
NAKASUNA Akinori Qualifications of Shidafu in the Southern Song Dynasty
YAGI Takeshi A Study of the Changes in the Evolution of the Concept of Chinsa in Pre-Moderns Korea
SHIGECHIKA Keiju K. Yamada, A Study of Fiscal Revenues in the Ch'in and Han Dynasties.
INOUE Toru M. Yamada, The order of Immigrant.
Vol.54 No.2 (September 1995)
MATSUI Yoshinori A Study of the Tsai
FUJITA Katsuhisa The Shih-chi "Hsiang Yü pên-chi" and "Monthly Records during Ch'in and Ch'u period" - The Historical Assessment of Ch'u and Han during the Late Ch'in Dynasty -
FUJIYOSHI Masumi A study on the biography of Wei Yüan-sung
WATANABE Takashi Weibo and Chengde - Re-examination on the Structure of Power in the Hexue Sanzhen -
UEMATSU Tadashi A Note on the Land and People of Tou-xia in Southern China during the Yuan Period - Conflict between Government Magistrates and Tou-xia Officials as Recorded in the Institutions of the Yuan Dynasty -
OKAMOTO Takashi An Inquiry into the Transformation of the Hong Merchant System at Canton
TSUZUKI Akiko T. Yoshikawa ed., Studies in Ancient Taoism.
SHIBA Yoshinobu K. Shimasue, A Study of the Tax Policy of the Song Dynasty.
IIJIMA Wataru A. Kuroda, Structure of the Chinese Empire and the World Economy.
Vol.54 No.1 (June 1995)
FUKUI Shigemasa The Development of the Boshi System during the Qin-Han Periods - Doubts about the Establishment of Wujing-boshi by Emperor Wu of the Former Han -
MISAKI Yoshiaki The Views of the Kingdoms of the Five Hu regarding Foreign Peoples as Exhibited through the "Offices for the Control of Foreign Peoples"
MORI Noriko The Rebirth of a Nihilist
HU Baohua Research on the Transformation of the System of Impeachment under the Tang
MATSUKAWA Takashi D. Cerensodnom & M. Taube, Die Mongolica der Berliner Turfansammlung.
Vol.53 No.4 (March 1995)
YOSHIMOTO Michimasa A Study of the Aristocracy in the Spring and Autumn Period
TSURUMA Kazuyuki The Era of the Construction of the Mausoleum of Qinshihuangdi - From the Period of the Warring States through to the Period of Unification, and on into the Era of Foreign Wars and Internal Rebellions -
TANIGAWA Michio Civil Strife and the Populace in the Late Sui Period - Depredation and Self-defense -
KAWAMURA Yasushi A Study of the Regulations Provided in Amnesties that Determined the Relative Gravity of Circumstances surrounding a Charge of Bodily Injury that Resulted in Death (Dousha Yu'en Qingli Qingzhongge)
MASHITA Hiroyuki Gujarāt and the Portuguese in the First Half of the Sixteenth Century A.D. - Relations Concerning the Port City of Dīw -
MIYAWAKI Junko Michael Khodarkovsky, Where Two Words Met: The Russian State and the Kalmyk Nomads, 1600-1771.
Vol.53 No.3 (December 1994)
MATSUURA Norihiro Punishment of Officials during the Tang Dynasty - With Particular Regard to Confiscation of Salary -
TETSUYAMA Hiroshi The Commercial Landholder Economy (Dishang Jingji) in Inner Mongolia during the Qing Period
NISHIZATO Kiko Li Shuchang's Development of Diplomatic Policies toward Japan in Relation to the Ryukyuan and Korean Problems
ENATSU Yoshiki The Disposal of Public Land in Fengtian after the 1911 Revolution - The Case of Zhaoling Yaochai Guandiandi -
OHASHI Atsuko The Role of Dutch Colonial Rule in the Transformation of a Traditional Agricultural Calendar - The Case of Priangan, West Java in the 1820's -
KURODA Takushi The Iranian Constitutional Revolution and a Local Community - The Provincial Anjoman of Gīlān -
IKEDA On M. Tonami ed., The Cultural Relics in the Middle Age of China.
Vol.53 No.2 (September 1994)
TAKATORI Yuji The Evolution of the Sanlao System and the Enlightenment Policy during the Han Dynasty
FUJITA Takao A Study of Distinction in Military Service and the Conferral of Titled in the Han Period
ENOMOTO Ayuchi On the Nature of the Zhongshu Sheren under the Northern Qi
ISHIKAWA Yoshihiro The Early Activities of Shi Cuntong in the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party
HASEBE Fumihiko Urban Popular Movements Resulting from Economic Dislocation in Ottoman Cairo
MATSUURA Akira S. Sakuma, A Study of Relations between Japan and the Ming Dynasty.
SHOGAITO Masahiro N. Yamada(J. Oda, P. Zieme, H Umemura, and T. Moriyasu ed.), Sammlung uighurischer Kontrarte.
ANDO Shiro Monika Gronke, Derwische im Vorhof der Macht: Sozial-und Wirtschaftsgeschichte Nordwestierans im 13. und 14. Jahrhundert.
Vol.53 No.1 (June 1994)
KUDO Motoo Huimeng and Fu during the Warring States Period - Chapter 20 of the Mawangdui Han Tomb Silk Manuscript Zhangguo Zongheng jia Shu -
KONDO Kazunari A Study of Cai Jing's Educational Policy and the Civil Service Examinations
NAKA Sumio A Study on Geng Dingxiang and Zhang Juzheng
KOJIMA Tsuyoshi Zhang Yue's Attack on the Yangming School
ISHIBASHI Takao The Formation of the Power of the Early Qing Emperors - The Significance of the Ascension of Hong Taiji as Emperor of the Da-Qing Empire According to the Manchu Archives, Fulgiyan Singgeri Aniya Duin Biya (i) DE (Narhūn Bithe) Han Be Amba Soorin Toktobuha Tangse
NISHIKAWA Mako A Study of the Reformation of the Late Qing Judicial System
UMEMURA Hiroshi T. Moriyasu, A Study on the History of Uighur Manichaeism: Research on Some Manichaean Materials and their Historical Background.
NAKAJIMA Masazumi H. Abe, A Study on the History of the Schools in Modern China: the Process of the Formation of Modern School System in the Late Qing.
Vol.52 No.4 (March 1994)
SUMIYA Tsuneko A Study on Juyan Han Wooden Strips Which Relate to Purchase and Sale
KONDO Manami An Aspect of Practice of Law under the Mamlūks in Syria - Based on al-Fatāwā al-Tarsūsīya -
SATO Masanori The Formation of Towns (Qasbas) and Market Towns (or Villages) in North India, A. D. 1650-1850
HIRATA Shigeki A Preliminary Essay on Political Structure in Sung China - Taking Yi and Dui as Clues -
KAMIYA Masakazu Commerce and Markets in the Former and the Later Han Periods
MATSUDA Yoshiro M. Kawakatsu, Studies on the Agricultural Economy of Lower Yangtze, 1368-1911.
YAO Takao Y. Ishii, N. Karashima, and H. Wada ed., Historical Dimensions of State and Society in Southeast Asia.
SHIGA Syuzo K. Umehara ed., Legislation and Society in Early Modern China.
Vol.52 No.3 (December 1993)
TSUJI Masahiro Life Exile and Penal Registration in the Armies in Early Sung China
ISOGAI Kenichi Shaibānī Khān and 'Ulamās - Yāsā and Sharī'a in Early 16th Century Central Asia -
UNO Nobuhiro Changes of Affinal Relationships of the Family of Činggis Qan
SUGIYAMA Masa'aki From the Inscription of the Mongol Prince Babuša's Edict
MAEHIRA Fusaaki X. Li, A Study on Nagasaki Chinese.
OKAMOTO Takashi T. Suzuki, A Study of the Westernization Movement in China in the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century.
HIGASHI Shinji N. Kano, A Study on the Political History of the Eastern Han.
INOUE Hiromasa James M. Polachek. The Inner Opium War.
Vol.52 No.2 (September 1993)
SEKIO Shiro The Prior History of the Ihe Political Change - An Examination about a Reform of the King of Gaochang, Qu Boya -
ARAKAWA Masaharu On a Traffic Management of the Tang Dynasty in the Central Asia
KAWAKAMI Yo The Diplomatic Function of Five Capitals in the Liao Dynasty
OKA Hiroki The Qing Dynasty and the Eight Jasaγs of Qalq-a Mongol
HORI Sunao The Maize in Eastern Turkistan
HAMADA Masami Between the "Duty of Salt" and "Jihād"
KOJIMA Yasuo M. Mori ed., Local Towns in the Jiangnan Delta: Historical and Geographical Analysis.
Vol.52 No.1 (June 1993)
OBI Takeo Zhengtao Dudu in the Liang of the Southern Dynasties
KAWAGOE Yasuhiro The TuMu Incident and the Imperial Expeditionary Force of YingZong
SATO Tatsuro Politics during the Reigns of the Emperors Wendi and Mingdi of Cao-Wei Dynasty and Trends among the Gentry - An Examination of Chen Qun and Sima Yi -
SHIBUTANI Yuri Civil Administration and Society in Fengtian under the Zhang Zuolin Regime - A Look at Wang Yongjiang -
TAKATA Tokio O. Ikeda eds. Dunhuang Documents Written in Chinese.
UEMATSU Tadashi K. Chen, Collected Essays in Yuan History.
Vol.51 No.4 (March 1993)
MIYAZAWA Tomoyuki The Problem of Iron Coins in Shanxi and Hedong Circuits during the Song Period
SHIMASUE Kazuyasu Regular Tribute Grain and Regular Tax Grain in the Southern Song Dynasty
NIIMURA Yoko The Controversy over Native Opium in Late Qing China
SHITOMI Yuzo Some Notes on the Christianity on Socotra
SAKAMOTO Tsutomu Changes in the Silk Trade in Modern Iran
YAGI Takeshi Y. Sutô, Studies in the Institutional History of the Song and the Koryo Dynasties,
KOSE Hajime T. Hamashita & H. Kawakatsu, eds., Intra Asian Trade Area and the Industrialization in Japan 1500-1900.
TANAKA Hiroshi T. Nakamura, The Age of Union: A Study of the process of founding Chinese Revolutionary League.
YOSHINO Makoto H. Miyajima, A Study on the History of Land Investigation Program in Korea.
Vol.51 No.3 (December 1992)
MOMIYAMA Akira A New Inquiry into "Yuanshu" Documents
ISHII Hitoshi A Study on the Origins of Dudu
CHEONG Byungjun The System of Local Administration during the Second Half of the Tang Dynasty - Zhida and Zhixia Communication -
HATACHI Masanori Lin-Fu Circuit during the Northern Song Period
KATAYAMA Akio The Inscriptions Marking the Accession to the Throne of Bilgä Qaγan
MOMOKI Shiro Vietnamese Polity towards its Southern and Western Neighbors from the Tenth to Fifteenth Century
WATANEBE Hiroyoshi Y. Satake, An Area Study in Chinese Social Changes from Tang to Song.
MATSUMOTO Kouichi Valerie Hansen, Changing Gods in Medieval China, 1127-1276.
Vol.51 No.2 (September 1992)
SAKURAI Toshiro The Establishment and Transformation of the Ming Memorial System
FURUHATA Toru The Existence of the So-called "Koguryŏ-Minor Kingdom"
ISHIHAMA Yumiko A Treatise on Seventeenth-Century Tibetan Royal Authority in the Works of Regent Sangs rgyas rgya mtsho
KATO Hiroshi Agrarian Society in Mid-Nineteenth Century Egypt -As Reflected in the Petitions of Fallāḥs for Exemption from Military Service-
MORITA Akira M. Tani, Studies in the History of River Conservation in the Ming.
Vol.51 No.1 (June 1992)
WATANABE Shin'ichiro A Reappraisal of the Corvée Labour System in the Han Period
OTAGI Hajime The Enlargement of the City-Walls in Central and South China in the Late Tang and Five Dynasties Period
MURAO Susumu The Meaning of the Haiguosishuo
KOBAYASHI Yoshifumi The Primary Education in Modern China
The Trend of Oriental Researches  
SHIBA Yoshinobu Migration and Circulation
UEHARA Kazuyoshi T. Kubo, Economic Trend in Modern China.